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Our MISSION is to offer the best comprehensive and accessible service, providing solutions and accompaniment in everything related to the death of a loved one, always representing the tranquility, security and support for our customers where dignity, respect, professionalism, excellence and human sensitivity are our only commitment.


Our commitment to service and excellence has been maintained over the years, which makes us proud, today you can only trust us. Our highly trained and compassionate team will assist you in creating a beautiful and worthy service, where we are committed to maintaining attention to detail so that you can care for your family and your beloved ones.


Regardless of the day or time, at FUNERARIA LATINO AMERICANA we are always prepared to respond to your needs quickly and competently, always ready to help with the necessary details of the funeral process. Among the services we offer you can find:


• Coordination and help the family with everything related to the funeral.
• Obtaining the necessary permits and death certificates.
• Care and custody of the body.
• Coordinate all the details with the clergy.
• Available what is necessary for the music you have selected.
• Assist in the organization for burial or cremation.
• Assist in coordinating arrangements for the cemetery space.
• Supervision of funeral or memorial service.
• All necessary arrangements for transportation if the deceased will be sent to a distant place, we take care of the procedures with the consulate and the necessary regulations



Cremation is an alternative to give final disposition of our deceased beloved one. This consists of honoring him/her and saying goodbye to him/her, where finally the ashes are placed in an urn and given to the relatives, so that they can have them and thus be able to continue paying tribute to his/her memory and perpetuity to his/her remembrance, taking them with them in a smaller space and allowing them to place the urn in a special place.

In Funeraria Latino Americana we offer ceremonies full of cordiality and gratitude, to honor the memory of your beloved ones. Please be assured that we will support you throughout the ceremony, taking care of the details so that the reception of your relatives runs smoothly, and they can render the last farewell in the most meaningful way.


There is nothing like being able to have an eternal rest in that special place, let the professional staff of Funeraria Latino Americana assist you in every detail to move your beloved one to any destination, we will take care of informing you and organizing all the procedures related to the transfers.

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