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Funeraria Latino Americana was founded more than 40 years ago with the idea of supporting families in the most difficult moments of life: the loss of a loved one. Thanks to the conviction and unwavering faith of our founder who found in this activity his calling and mission in life. Today, Funeraria Latino Americana is a consolidated and recognized company.

He lived one of the most difficult experiences of his life: the death of a loved one, that is why he knows the pain and how important the support is in those sad moments. Because of this experience, he decided that the main focus of his funeral home would be to support the families and throughout these 40 years he has maintained the same faith and dedication.

Nowadays, Funeraria Latino Americana is present in the state of California with 3 subsidiaries, besides having a network of more than 40 allied funeral homes in Mexico.

In each and every one of them the same approach prevails, always willing to support and take care of everything, so that you can be with your people in those difficult times.




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