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In Funeraria Latino Americana we offer ceremonies full of cordiality and gratitude, to honor the memory of your beloved ones. Please be assured that we will support you throughout the ceremony, taking care of the details so that the reception of your relatives runs smoothly, and they can render the last farewell in the most meaningful way.




•  Basic service fee
•  Transportation of decedent to funeral home 
•  Refrigeration
•  Embalming
•  Dressing, Hair Styling and Cosmetology
• Use of chapel and staff for visitation (4 hours) 
•  Memorial Video **
•  Flat Top casket
• Transportation of decedent to cementery
•  Pallbearer Gloves (6 pairs)
•  Decease Filing
• (1) Permit of Disposition
• (1) Death Certificate
• (1) Guest Register Book  
•  (100) Memorial Cards
•  Cafeteria service for 75 Guest (in our chapel)**


   From $2,995 USD *


* Price may change according to the subsidiary. Additional fees may apply if decedent exceeds weight limit (279lbs), or extra mile is incurred (more than 20 miles from funeral home).

** Only for some subsidiaries.

For more information get counsuler assistant

"The funeral is not just about saying goodbye, it's about remembering the life of this beloved one with a memorable tribute. Funeraria Latino Americana will always be willing to support you in this moment and take care of everything, for us your and your family's peace of mind is the most important thing, leave it in our hands".


We have special costs on request, consult our advisors to know the forecast rates.
As required: It is settled 48 hours before the vigil.

Minimum initial deposit, with very convenient and accessible payments. Guaranteed plans without interest. Consult an advisor to schedule an appointment and design a customized plan at your convenience. Don't wait to be caught off guard, get ready today.

Aditional costs:: 

Insurance procedures, cost of funeral wreaths, additional death certificates. Excess body weight at 290 lbs. Different coffin, flowers, religious service, another place to vigil.

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